Word Save World
City of God – Open Air Museum

The project was born with the aim of using words and art as trigger for cultural and social change in the areas of the countries that, currently, are among the most underdeveloped economically.

After almost a year of work and renovation in the favela of Cidade de Deus, in Rio de Janeiro, our organization has created one of the first open-air museums in the world, born from the desire to produce economic development through tourism, in areas otherwise inaccessible to people and social organizations, due to the criminal factions that control the areas.

Currently the area is accessible to everyone and you can touch the reality of the favela and its community, actively participating in the various projects developed by the children who live there.

The museum covers more than 5,000 square meters and exhibits more than 70 works by international artists and within it, in addition to a public library, our organization has created a cultural center for young people who have the opportunity to participate in projects of literacy, music, art, computer science and theater.